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Day 47 – Listening Remotely

It’s been quite a week. Last Thursday, my entire school went remote. With fifteen minutes to pack, these first graders grabbed their books, writing folders, extra math manipulatives, a whiteboard, and headed out the door.

Oh, how I miss moments of listening to what the kids have to say. Online, I only get minutes when they unmute or short time in breakout rooms to hear each child’s thinking.

For a bit of support, I reached back to one of my mentors, Debbie Miller. As I read her words in What’s the Best that Could Happen, I figured out what I wanted to ask the children. Then I headed to SeeSaw to create a daily activity.

Now, each evening, I grab a cup of tea (or wine), and I read and respond to these posts. Sometimes kids videotape themselves and talk to me. Others write and draw pictures, and even others use the text-to-type feature. What I love is the variety and honesty in their answers:

  • Drawings of Ruby Bridges and voices sharing their thoughts about her bravery.
  • Random facts from texts they read independently on Razz Kids and Epic. “Mrs. Mulligan – Did you know that hippos have short legs?”
  • Honest reflections explaining how hard it is to concentrate on their writing when working at home.

Oh, how I hope we will be back in the classroom soon. Until then, I’ll listen and respond as best I can through SeeSaw.

6 thoughts on “Day 47 – Listening Remotely”

  1. Oh my…sad, sad for you, this is after one of my former teacher friends who said, “I don’t know if I can reach it to February with this**** storm. They are teaching live and can’t move, or do small groups and at the same time teach remotely. I have to check out See Saw…wonder if it would work with my Zoom Bible study girls???? XO

  2. It really is hard; I don’t have a class but I meet with some students and teachers every day and my wifi likes to go rogue right around the time those meetings are scheduled. Doing the best we can each day is ALL we can do! Love that they are reading and sharing cool stuff they are learning, in spite of all.

  3. I love the way you are connecting with them. It is so very hard. Our students came back on hybrid this week after being remote since Thanksgiving. I hope you will get to be back soon!

  4. So glad that you have this tool to enable you to reach your students to let them chat with you and you can chat back, have virtual conversations. While it’s not as good as the real thing, you’re optimizing what you have at your fingertips! You go, girl!

  5. Your post has been helpful to me.

    And I’m unfamiliar this book, but just the title touches my heart!

    What is the best that can happen?

    I love the optimism in it…no matter what the situation.

    Thank you.

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