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An Interview with the Illustrator


Written by Lucy Branam

Illustrated by Kevin M. Barry

Hot off of the presses! Monday, is a newly released picture book that humorously personifies the days of the week. It tells the story of the main character, Monday, who, as everyone knows, is the worst day of the week. Monday envies every other day because they each have something wonderful about them. As Monday tries to be like the other days, he quickly learns that the week falls apart without him. As he learns to accept himself, Monday finds that others learn to appreciate him as well.

Illustrator and elementary educator, Kevin Barry brings levity, humor, and drama through his personification of the days of the week. To learn about Kevin’s illustration process and inspiration, click to watch an interview! Monday will serve as a great mentor text in any elementary school classroom. Parents will want to add this beautiful picture book to their children’s home bookshelves as well. It won’t sit on the shelf for long!

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