Towers Falling By Jewell Parker Rhodes

We are all interconnected. Towers Falling, by Jewell Parker Rhodes brilliantly brings this message of societal interconnectedness to life as main character, Deja Barnes uncovers her  community’s and family’s history.  Fifth grader, Deja, is new to school. Deja’s family of five lives in a one room apartment in a homeless shelter in Brooklyn. As Deja… Continue reading Towers Falling By Jewell Parker Rhodes

Harbor Me

Much like Brown Girl Dreaming, Jaqueline Woodson’s ability to weave together challenging, yet relevant story lines with subtle imagery and graceful, melodic language does not fall short in her 2018 novel, Harbor Me.This is an important story for adults (particularly teachers) and older students alike, as it reminds readers that each child has defining layers… Continue reading Harbor Me