The Fisherman & the Whale

In The Fisherman and the Whale, Jessica Lanan portrays the sad, yet inspiring story of an entangled whale and the boy and man who save him. This wordless picture book is filled with action and emotion. It creates endless opportunities for young readers to infer character actions, dialogue and feelings. I shared this book with… Continue reading The Fisherman & the Whale

Carmela Full of Wishes

She stared down at the dandelion in her hand.It seemed so much more importantnow that she knew it was a place to put her wishes. What if she made the wrong choice? Carmela is excited to accompany her older brother into town for the first time. Although her big brother isn't happy to have her,… Continue reading Carmela Full of Wishes

Alma and How She Got Her Name by Juana Martinez-Neal

What is the story of your name? What story would you like to tell? These are the questions Juana Martinez-Neal leaves the readers with following her author’s note in her award winning picture book Alma and How She Got Her Name. In this poignant story, Alma’s father teaches his daughter the history behind each and… Continue reading Alma and How She Got Her Name by Juana Martinez-Neal

A Piglet Named Mercy

Have your favorite readers ever wondered how Mercy came to live with the Watsons on Deckawoo Drive? They don’t need to wonder any more because Kate DiCamillo has shared her vision with us in the endearing picture book, A Piglet Named Mercy. In this prequel to the Mercy Watson series, the “porcine wonder” accidentally finds… Continue reading A Piglet Named Mercy