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The Good Egg

By: Jory John

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Teacher Thoughts:

Time is an issue for all teachers, in all states, at all levels.  My district is in its second year of implementing TCRWP’s Units of Study and we love it! However, like all educators today, the pressure of fitting all the curriculum in is a real concern.  One of my goals this year is to help teachers find more time. One way I am thinking about this, is by integrating social-emotional learning and literacy. It’s my hope by helping staff select picture books and novels that reflect the SEL competencies, teachers will breathe a little easier and create more time. The Good Egg by Jory John is a wonderful book to begin this work.  Students connect with Egg’s feelings of being the only one in the “carton” to follow the rules and empathize with him when the pressure of being perfect causes him to CRACK.

“I was cracking up literally! Something had to change!”

Egg’s self -awareness and self-management skills allow him to recognize what he needs to help maintain his relationship with his fellow eggs.  

“For once I found time for me. And guess what! Little by little the cracks in my shell started to heal. My head no longer felt scrambled.” 

Classrooms will explode in conversations, not just around word choice and theme,  but also the social and emotional skills we all need to establish and maintain relationships.

Kids Said…

“Everyone needs to have both parts of themselves – a serious side and fun side.”

“Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.”

“It’s ok to take time for yourself, so you can be happy and healthy.”

“I think the picture of Egg mediating with the rocks on his head, shows that balance is important.  Balance of being good and a little naughty.”



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