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The Pigeon HAS to Go to School! by Mo Willems

The back to school aisle is stocked, August is here, and educators and children everywhere begin the countdown to the first day of school. Some of us are full of hope and others, nervous anticipation about the beginning of the school year. What will it be like? Will I fit in? Who will my teacher be?
Everyone’s favorite pigeon is back and not so sure about school! In fact, Pigeon is NOT excited. Nothing about school seems to be right for Pigeon…or is it? Read to see if Pigeon will think differently and what or who will change Pigeon’s mind.

Teachers Thoughts…

Perfect for those first day of school jitters and building community. We can discuss students’ questions about the new school year and then create our classroom agreements.

Can’t wait to add this to my author study unit. A great mentor text for speech bubbles.

My students just love Mo Willems. I think this will be perfect for shared reading. Pigeon’s voice is so expressive.

Kids Said…

I didn’t want to go to school either. I love summer, but now I’m excited!

Pigeon worries too much. School is fun! It’ll be ok.

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