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A Piglet Named Mercy

Have your favorite readers ever wondered how Mercy came to live with the Watsons on Deckawoo Drive? They don’t need to wonder any more because Kate DiCamillo has shared her vision with us in the endearing picture book, A Piglet Named Mercy. In this prequel to the Mercy Watson series, the “porcine wonder” accidentally finds his way to Deckawoo Drive and discovers a new home where,

“She was not at all ordinary.

And she was very, very loved.” 

My young readers were so excited to find connections to the other Mercy books they’ve loved and devoured: 

  • Mr. and Mrs. Watson
  • Eugenia and Baby Lincoln – My first grade readers noticed the consistency in the personalities right away saying, “She’s still grumpy! But Baby is so sweet!”
  • Mercy’s love for toast
  • “The pictures are bright and colorful! Just like the other Mercy books!” 

This adorable story will inspire fans of the Mercy Watson chapter books to go back and reread their favorite Mercy adventures. 

Why read this book? 

  • Kate DiCamillo’s writing is always charming, engaging and fun!
  • Learn Mercy’s origin story!
  • Clear characterizations (throughout the series) can help children understand character traits.
  • Themes of acceptance and love.

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