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Borrowing Bunnies By Cynthia Lord

Children’s author, Cynthia Lord and her husband, John Bald foster rabbits. They take in bunnies that have been neglected and ones that owners no longer want as pets.  Cindy and John care for the rabbits until they are adopted. Borrowing  Bunnies is the true story of rabbits, Peggotty and Benjamin, that were saved by Maine’s Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue and who Cynthia and John fostered in their home. Before the rabbits could be adopted, Cynthia had to help them learn to trust people and feel safe. As the bunnies settled in, Cindy’s husband photographed Benjamin and Peggotty’s every step toward adoption. It’s a story of responsibility, trust, and letting go.

Teacher Thoughts…

I enjoyed this book because it gave great tips on what families have to do to foster bunnies. It addressed the responsibility of caring for rabbits.  Cynthia Lord wrote in a way that students could follow the different bunnies and got to “know” them. The mix of illustrations and photographs helped keep the students engaged. As readers, we got to know a different side of Cynthia and her passion for rabbits.

Why use this book?

·         High interest, informational book

·         Engaging photography

·         Highlights the responsibilities of owning and caring for rabbits

Kids Said…

·         “I liked how Cynthia Lord waited for the bunnies to get a home.” –Maria, Grade 4

·         “This book gives good tips on how to foster and take care of bunnies.” –Kiera, Grade 4

·         “I liked how they were kind to care for bunnies they weren’t going to keep. ” – Owen, Grade 4

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