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Astro Girl, Ken Wilson-Max

Some books touch people’s hearts no matter their age. Astro Girl is one of those stories. The first time I shared this book, I was with a group of principals and literacy specialists. When the story ended, a quiet hush filled the room. Then, digital devices began to glow as people ordered their own copies.

The next time I read this story, I was with a sixth-grader. After the story was over, he said, “Last year, I read another story about a woman astronaut on the MCAS (State Test). This story was so much better. It shows that girls can be astronauts and I really like that it is a story.”

I think Astro Girl is a text to read aloud in kindergarten during an emergent storybook unit of study. The repetitive refrain, engaging plot, and literary language make it fun for students to reread, retell, and act out.

I think Astro Girl is a book to bring out when we teach students that endings matter.

Most importantly, I think this is a book to share with as many readers as we can. It challenges gender stereotypes and encourages all students to pursue their dreams. Thank you, Ken Wilson-Max, for writing this book for all of us. This new text is destined to become a classic.

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