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Just Like Rube Goldberg: The Incredible True Story of the Man Behind the Machines by Sarah Aronson

This playful text, brought to life by Sarah Aronson & Robert Neubecker, was introduced in my classroom through what I like to call #MeetSomeoneNewMonday. Fourth graders were immediately reeled in by the cover:

  • “Wow!”
  • “Look at how each letter is formed!”
  • “I wonder what those arrows and letters are for!”
On Mondays, students will be introduced to someone who has contributed to the world in their own unique way. By the end of the week, we’ll enjoy a picture book biography that shares the individual’s story. Mr. Goldberg just happened to help with the kick-off!

What kind of a person is Rube Goldberg?

  • Courageous– At times, he needed to start over and try again.
  • Confident– Rube knew what he wanted and went for it!

What are you enjoying about the way the author and illustrator share Rube Goldberg’s story?

  • There is humor.
  • The author did not just tell us about his everyday life. She needed to figure out the most important parts to share.
  • The illustrator added the inventions!

What can we learn from Rube Goldberg’s life story?

Sometimes, it’s good to use your imagination because you can share your thoughts with the world.

Even though there is a lot of technology in the world, people should still think and use their imagination!

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