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My Mommy is a Hero and My Daddy is a Hero, Written by Isabel Otter-Barry Ross and Illustrated by Hannah Tolson

Teacher Thoughts:

Written in simple rhyme with many full spread illustrations, these are two beautiful books honor our brave and selfless service women and men. Each set of pages focuses on a different post or role in our armed services. The book lends itself to a variety of conversations such as:

  • Who is the narrator? (first person, from a child’s perspective) Why do you think the author decided to use this perspective?
  • What do you notice in the illustration? What questions or wonders do you have?
  • Which pages tell or show a feeling? What is the name of that feeling? 
  • What is special and unique about the relationship between a parent serving in the military and his/her child? 

Students say:

  • What’s hanging from those parachutes? It’s not a person….
  • I can read some of this book because the words ‘match’ (ie rhyme).
  • My mom wears that same uniform!
  • Seven seas? What does that mean?
  • I think that (“inspire”) means that I want to be like him when I grow up.

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