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Because of the Rabbit By Cynthia Lord

Meet Emma. Emma is starting fifth grade in a Maine public school after years of being homeschooled. She is eager to start school and would love a best friend.  She meets Jack on the first day. Jack is a boy who doesn’t quite fit in. He’s not the best friend she thought she was looking for. At the same time, the night before she is to start school, she rescues a rabbit with her father who is a game warden. As Emma and Jack start to bond over the rabbit, she worries about being seen with Jack. Nothing seems to be going as planned.  It’s a story of friendship, feeling different, and being true to yourself.

Teachers Thoughts

Because of the Rabbit is a wonderful story to read at the start of the school year as students get to know one another and as classroom community is cultivated.

The Author’s Note that is included at the end of the book is a gem. It lets readers know a bit about her family and where she got the ideas for the book. Cindy also shares some strategies for kids to dig up their own stories to write.

Because of the Rabbit and Borrowing Bunnies complement one another. They are perfect to use together with students.

A Letter from a Student to Author Cynthia Lord

Dear Cynthia Lord,

     Your book, Because of the Rabbit was so incredible. I loved everything about it. I loved that you chose to tell real facts about rabbits before every chapter of the book. I learned so many things from each chapter like how jack rabbits and hares are the same thing. I also learned that bunnies rub their chin on something when they want it. I learned that it is hard to tell when a rabbit is a boy or a girl. I thought that was easy for all animals.

I also loved that you put life lessons in the book for more people than just Emma to learn. One of the lessons that I liked is, “It is harder to give up something the longer you`ve had it.¨ Then you said that, “Telling the truth is not as easy as Two Truths and a lie.”  Last you said that, ¨Maybe it was too much to expect one person to be my ‘everything’ best friend.¨Those lessons are not easy to learn for some people, and that’s what makes them great.

Most of all, I loved how the missing rabbit that belonged to the other family was not Lappy and that Emma knew where the missing rabbit was. At first everyone was worried that Emma was going to lose Lappy. But then when the nice woman said “her”, I immediately knew that they had the wrong rabbit. I felt so happy. Where did you learn to mess with people’s emotions like that? These are all my reasons why I love your book Because of the Rabbit.

Sincerely, Jackie, 5th Grade Student

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