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The Bad Guys: The Big Bad Wolf by Aaron Blabey

An alien invasion is afoot, and the redeemer of the misjudged, misunderstood; those poor souls unable to set the story straight by their own means, has gone rogue. As a Hulk-sized Mr. Wolf reeks havoc through the city, and the threat of aliens looms, the “BEST OF THE BEST” must put their heads together and devise plans to save their world, as well as their sense of self. How will the bad guys fare?

Although ninth in the series of graphic novels, The Big Bad Wolf maintains all the intrigue, snappy twists, and cheekiness of Blabey’s other books. Readers will delight in the fun illustrations and story line. Those who find beginning chapter books too dense, those who continue to work on their stamina for reading, and those who long for the illustrations of their beloved storybooks will be entirely satisfied. Teachers, check with parents first before introducing this series to your students. Parents, take a few minutes to peruse these quick reads to make sure the humor is to your liking. As for me, the voices and expressions of the students I surveyed, said it all.

When I asked my little team of readers what they thought, I saw nothing but smiles on their faces, and heard nothing but giggles. Every comment began with, “I Like when…” “[Name of specific character] is just like…” “These books are awesome!” My favorite comment was, “I’m glad he [Aaron Blabey] decided to be an author instead of all of those other jobs he had.” Thank you Blabey!

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