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Imagine by Juan Felipe Herrera illustrated by Lauren Castillo

Kids shared:

“I think that the author is trying to let us know that we can be anything we want to be. I don’t think he is telling us to be a certain kind of person, but inspiring us to be the person we want to be.”

 “I like how the author put ‘imagine’ at the end of each page, as if to say—Hey, I did this…what could you do?”

“I like how the author took parts from his own life and made a book out of it. Creativity at its finest.”

“I think the message is you can do anything because he’s done a lot of stuff in his lifetime and he didn’t give up. Also, he doesn’t complain about anything!”

“This book is inspiring. I think this because he shared his life in the book, and it didn’t seem like his life was easy. So, I really liked how instead of spreading negativity, he spread positivity.”

“I think Juan Felipe Herrera is telling us that we have the power to imagine how our life will be. I imagine that I will be a basketball player some day!”

If I gathered
many words and many more songs
with both of my hands
and let them fly
over my mesa
and turned them into a book
of poems,

If you haven’t read this wonderful book yet, you really should.

This book is poetry.

This book is memoir.

This book is art.

This book is uplifting.

Read this book, your heart will thank you!

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