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The Joys Of Being A Little Black Boy

The Joys of Being A Little Black Boy by Valerie Reynolds

Illustrated by Chris Turner

The Joys Of Being A Little Black Boy is an empowering book. In compiling stories of prominent black figures such as Barack Obama and Muhammad Ali, the author offers positive images of black men in particular, while illustrating positive role models for all children.

I used it in my preschool/ Pre K classroom during the “All About Me “unit. The children loved the book – the bright colors are captivating. The text proved to be a great jumping off point for discussing future careers, inspiring kids to think about what they want to be when they grow up.

Everyone had a great time thinking about what they might become. We had a great number of prospective astronauts — but the best job I have ever heard of was from the child who wants to become the president of Jupiter!

Why include this in your classroom library?

  • Young children are reminded they can achieve anything and see great examples showing them that anything is possible.
  • The book can double as a black history book with info on figures such as the African-American who founded the city of Chicago, and the first African American president of the United States.
  • Bright illustrations catch the children’s attention; the words are simple enough for preschoolers; and a good level for early readers to manage to read the book alone.

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