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Dreamers by Yuyi Morales

When I first read Dreamers by Yuyi Morales, I knew it would be a hit in my fourth-grade classroom. When read it aloud to my students last spring, they shared so many insights about the book and its contributions to our world.

Author/illustrator Yuyi Morales immigrated to the United States with her son in 1994. While she felt loss when she thought of all she had left behind in Mexico, her local library taught her that “through books we can find our path and our purpose.” Morales’ stunning illustrations and beautiful prose make this book a must-have for all elementary classrooms.

Kids said…

On the power of this book:

  • “Someone could read this book to kind of tell what it would feel like to be new. Then that person could help people who are mirrors of this book.”
  • “All should be treated equal, no matter where you’re born.”
  • “All people should read this book so they feel connected.”

On the book’s celebration of literacy:

  • “One thing I like is how reading changed their whole lives. Books helped them.”
  • “It’s a peaceful book. It shows how someone can learn so much just from looking at pictures and books.”
  • “Books can help people be inspired and feel like they’re not totally alone.”

For a video of Dreamers read by the author, click the link below:

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