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How to Read A Book

“What are the different ways you read a book?” I asked this group of first grade as we gathered around the meeting area.

“I read with my mom”

“I like to read in that corner…” (as he points at one of the cozy spots in the classroom)

“I like to read on that pillow”

“I like to read with my best friend…” (as she grabs the arm of the girl sitting next to her).

Are you ready to hear what the author Kwame Alexander have to say about reading books?” I asked.

YESSSSSSSSSS! is one solid answer from this group of first graders.

And so we let Kwame Alexander share with us How To Read A Book and the children are immediately mesmerized by the art of Melissa Sweet. The first thing they noticed was how the print is written in a all capitals and how some letters have colors inside. Each illustration in the book brings the “oooohhhhh and ahhhhhh” because we all know that Melissa Sweet is the kind of artist who makes art that speaks to children’s souls. Every collage is so elaborate and exquisite.

As we continue flipping the pages of this beautiful book, the vibrant colors in this book (oh, have you seen that pop of orange everywhere?) jumped out of the pages and these children are not missing a beat.

Kwame Alexander takes us into the delight and pleasure of reading a book, savoring each word, tasting its language, without rushing through. He reminds us of the beauty of turning each page and letting it speaks to us. This book is a reminder that every time we read a book, there’s a celebration between the reader and the book!

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