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What If…

What if? When disaster strikes, people harness the power to rebuild self and society, to refine, as they recreate. As detailed in the author’s note of this wonderful journey, Samantha Berger was forced to do just that; rethink, refine and recreate, when a flood took all that she had. Mike Curato uses a myriad of tools and techniques to give life to Berger’s words. His use of mixed media complements the themes of determination and the fluidity of art. If the mind is forced or encouraged to entertain the “what ifs” the possibilities are endless. When pencil and paper aren’t available, try a chisel and some wood. Better yet, how about voice or movement?

Teacher Thoughts…

Great story to use as an inspirational read aloud to any class, as a discussion opener during a mentoring group, as a mentor text during list writing, or before an art lesson.

Here’s what Kindergartners thought…

“Sometimes my mom let’s me do art work with things I find outside.”

“If you make a mess-up you can try to fix it.”

“It’s hard to draw sometimes. Sometimes when I draw it doesn’t look like the thing, but it’s kind of like it.”

“It’s like that book Ish [Peter reynolds] that we read. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look the same, it’s just the same-ish.”

“My favorite page is the dragon leaves. I wanna do that!”

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