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If Elephants Disappear by Lily Williams

If Elephants Disappear by Lily Williams

I read that Lily Williams never imagined writing a book where poop figures prominently, but in her book, If Elephants Disappear, elephants’ dung plays a critical role in tropic cascade and readers are given a front row seat to its importance to the elephant ecosystem and our own survival. Ms Williams’ book gives picture book readers respect, explaining key environmental, climate change, and technical terms in a text that is a refreshing stretch for young readers and picture book listeners. While we used this “call to action” to highlight author’s craft moves, this book’s appeal and uses will meet many classroom needs.

What students said

This could be bad for us.

We should do something

She wants us to protect elephants.

What other animals are like this?

Definitely a food-for-thought edition to any classroom. Author’s notes at the end of the text provide detailed facts along with a strong indication of what action might look like.  If Elephants Disappear is part of a larger series, If Animals Disappear.



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