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At School Kindness Starts With You

By: Jacquelyn Stagg Illustrated by T. Omaskat

When I first talk about the golden rule with preschoolers, the concept is new. But with the help of this book and the clear illustrations, they were able to understand the concept and put it into practice. Children started by complimenting each other’s outfits, and passing the utensils during lunch time.

Our team decided to include the parents in the process of teaching kindness to the children. We put in place a module where the children would have to be helpful at home as well. The parents were very pleased with the idea and it was a great success. The parents reported that the children were eager to help at home. They were setting the table, being kind to their siblings and cleaning up after themselves without complaining.

Kindness starts with you made a positive impact in our classroom.

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