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Who Wet My Pants? By Bob Shea and Zachariah Ohora

This book has had quite a journey in my coaching bag.

I pulled it out when a teacher described the tough morning he had before arriving at school.  He proceeded to read it aloud to the group, and at the end of it, we were all in stitches.

On another day, this book traveled to an administrative meeting.  I watched it being passed around the room and giggles bursting out from whoever had the book.

Then the book traveled to first grade.  I read it aloud to the class as twelve teachers watched.  Students were laughing along with the characters in the book, but also at their teachers’ reactions.

Sometimes, we need a book to break the tension, to help us remember our inner child, and to infuse a little humor into our professional development sessions.

Who Wet My Pants is a book to have at your side for those moments when we need to laugh.

Happy Reading, Everyone!


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