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A Gift From Abuela by Cecilia Ruiz

This is a story of a beautiful and strong relationship between a grandmother and her grandchild. The child in the story grew up very close to grandma, sharing many moments together, like dancing in the house and eating together. As the girl gets older, she spends less time with grandma. As the girl gets older, so does grandma. At the same time, Mexico is going through many changes. Everyone is trying to adapt to new realities.

A group of second graders sat very close to me as I read this beautiful picture book by Cecilia Ruiz. As I read the story aloud, pausing enough time to give the children a chance to look at the pictures, I wondered why this group of students were quiet. What were they wondering? What were they thinking? So I asked them to turn to a partner and share with each other their thoughts. This was my opportunity to lean in and hear what they said.

“I wish my grandma lived close to me”

“I never met my grandpa. It must be nice to have one.”

“This story reminds me of things I do with my grandma on the weekend.”

My grandpa doesn’t really do much. He sits at home all day. He likes to read thou”

I continued reading the story aloud. I can tell the children love the relationship between the girl and her grandma and even though not everyone connects with a grandma in real life, they all connect on the strong bond they share.

When I got to the end of the book, I asked them to share with each other what they believed the author wanted them to remember or learn about the story. This is what they said:

” To love everyone in the family a lot!”

“Don’t forget your family!”

“It’s kind to help each other, especially with chores around the house”

“Love your grandma. A lot!”

This book inspired many second graders that day to write their own small moment about loving someone in the family. It was the perfect book to share for inspiration and discussion!

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