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The Bridge Home by Padma Venkatraman

I loved that the kids grew to love each other and to think they are family” ~ 6th Grade Student

The Bridge Home by Padma Venkatraman is a story that pulls at your heart strings and has you rooting for the characters to triumph at the same time. Set in India, two young girls, Viji and Rukku leave home to escape an abusive father and risk it all. They form lasting bonds with their new friends Muthi and Arul, and of course a lovable dog, Kutti. Challenges including living with a disability and trying to survive, abound along the way and sadness ensues, but in the end they discover the true meaning of family and what it means to be living.

And I guess how you live matters more than how long you live.” ~ Viji in The Bridge Home

Student Thoughts:

  • “I loved the dog and the hope she brought to the “family.” ~ Paige
  • “My favorite parts where when Viji took care of Rukku – she loved her so much!” ~Sarenanie
  • “I loved that there was a character with a disablity.” ~Akeelah
  • “I really liked the perspective – Why did Padma choose to write it in 2nd person?” ~Nyzeah
  • “Some parts broke my heart.” ~ Miguel

Students skyped with Padma and participated in book clubs to discuss the book.

Students also made book snaps:

Teachers love this book too! So many complex issues to discuss:

  • Characters changing
  • Perspective and its impact on storytelling
  • Importance of setting
  • Discussing and trying to prove multiple themes
  • Building community and learning about others

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