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Little Libraries, Big Heroes by Miranda Paul

If you are a reader of this blog, chances are you are a book lover. If I were a gambling woman, I would also be willing to bet that when you see a Little Free Library, you get a wee bit excited by the thought of peeking inside to see what treasures await. Dear reader, you are not alone. I, too, adore all things books, and Little Free Libraries are something that make my reading heart beat a little bit faster.

Little Libraries, Big Heroes written by Miranda Paul and illustrated by John Parra tells the story of how an “ordinary hero” named Todd Bol created the first Little Free Library in honor of his mother, a teacher who loved to read. After much hard work and perseverance, this act of love went on to spark a worldwide movement that continues to foster a love of reading, offer increased access to books, and to continually create community.

Share this book with your students, your family, and your neighbors. Then, take a peek around your community for a Little Free Library… or consider becoming the steward of one while you whisper a thank you to Todd’s mom for instilling a life-love of reading in her son.

Little Free Library Fun Facts (from the Author’s Note!):

  • There are over 75,000 registered Little Free Libraries in 88 countries– WOW!
  • Anyone can have a Little Free Library, but if you use their name, you need to have an official charter from the Little Free Library & display your Little Free Library’s number.
  • To learn more about becoming a Little Free Library steward (a.k.a. an Ordinary Hero) or find Little Free Libraries near YOU visit www.

Here are some photos of a few of my favorite Little Free Libraries in Massachusetts… comment below with the location of YOUR favorites!

Today, thousands of ordinary (and creative!) heroes are bringing millions of free books to their friends and neighbors. Today, those friends will share them with other friends and neighbors. Today, books will be loved. Big ideas will spark. And tomorrow– who knows? Tomorrow might bring another hero story, written by YOU… and shared with the whole wide book-loving world.”

Little libraries, big heros by Miranda Paul (2019) Clarion books

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