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Thinker My Puppy Poet and Me by Eloise Greenfield


Thinker My Puppy Poet and Me by Eloise Greenfield is a book we will be revisiting again and again to work through layers literacy opportunities as a reader and a writer. It’s a fascinating book for poems in narrative voice alternating between a young boy and his dog. I was hooked at a dog writing poetry telling his point of view and Jace his owner being able to hear his poetry. Then there’s a small risk when they go to public places Thinker the puppy might try to talk and not bark. Readers are introduced to free verse, haiku, and rap poetry. These are some responses after our first read.

“First I thought Thinker was person and now I think it’s a dog.”

“I thought Thinker was a boy and now after reading the Kimmy poem I think it’s a dog too.”

“This book has to be fiction, dogs can’t write poems.”

Lots of giggles with this line – “way tail to sail.”

“I think the author has a dog.”

“This poem makes me happy – Jace isn’t mad.”

“There’s a story in these poems.”

Our journey today led us to discovering how poems as a collection can tell a story.  I’ve seen it done for older readers and am so happy to have a book showing my second grade readers a new door for using poetry.  I personally want to reread it and work on my rap rhythm after reading the fabulous author’s note at the end.  I hadn’t approached this as I would read another favorite by Eloise Greenfield, Honey I Love.


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