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Maybe Tomorrow by Charlotte Agell

Meet Norris and Elba.

Maybe Tomorrow by author Charlotte Agell is one of my favorite titles of the year. You can imagine my delight when I learned that Charlotte was a Maine author and educator. Maybe Tomorrow is the story of Elba, a hippopotamus who carries around a heavy block. And it’s the story of Norris, the crocodile who befriends Elba and helps her lighten the weight of her block. Kim, a 4th grade teacher shared, “This book is accessible to students. We all carry around our own version of the block. It is an example of how it takes just one person to help make our block shrink; it’s a nice reminder to try to be the Norris in a friendship or any given situation.”

This book is loved by both our students and teachers. It’s a book you want to keep near so that you can pass it on and share with others.

What 4th Grade Students Said…

“I liked how Norris didn’t let anything stop him… even when it was raining.”- Beth

“Norris kept pushing Elba to be as happy as she could be.”- Penny

“I think that Elba’s block was her unhappiness and each time Norris helped, her block shrank.”- Ryan

“I liked this book because it made it feel real. Everyone has a block. I liked how one person can make it shrink.”- Violet

“Norris kept making Elba feel better by making her think on the bright side.”- Kevin

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