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One Big Heart by Linsey Davis

One Big Heart

With Beverly Davis, Illustrated by Lucy Fleming

A celebration of being more alike than different!

Each Friday, my sixth graders pair up with a kindergarten buddy to read, do math, or work on a project.  This week, we read One Big Heart and talked about the big idea of the book.


Kindergarten students understood the message right away:

The book is telling us that even though we look different on the outside, we all have a lot in common like loving recess, eating and being curious about things. – Harris & Anna

The sixth graders made connections between this picture book, and many of the novels we have read this year:

The message of this book is that we shouldn’t judge people based on their race, religion, or looks.  Like so many of the books we read, the author is trying to tell us that we should focus on the inside, or character, of a person rather than what they look like or where they come from. – Jack & Alyssa

The sixth graders and their buddies listed all the things they have in common on smaller hearts, and connected their names with string to show that even though there are obvious differences, we are all really more alike than different.


A beautiful book, with an important message that all readers, no matter their age, will instantly connect with.

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