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Book Uncle and Me by Uma Krishnaswami

I love when my colleagues recommend books to me and this one did not disappoint! “Book Uncle and Me” has a very relatable main character in Yasmin, an avid reader who has a goal of reading one new book every day. She gets her books from Book Uncle, a retired teacher who has a lending library in her neighborhood in India. When the city says Book Uncle needs a permit, Yasmin is devastated to lose her source of free books, and more importantly, a friend. With the help of her classmates, teacher, parents, and neighbors, she sets out to right the wrong that she sees.

“A true leader seeks to help those who are doing good.”

This book is a great introduction to Social Justice Literature for elementary readers and their teachers. It will lead to great discussions about what role and what impact children can have on the decisions made by adults. It will inspire them to stand up for what they believe- a lesson they will hopefully always carry with them.

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