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In a Jar by Deborah Marcero

The pictures are really detailed and beautiful! – Third Grader

You can do anything if you put your mind to it – with a friend. – Third Grader

Woah, can you collect sunset?! – Third Grader

Deborah Marcero’s In a Jar celebrates how we collect memories with those we love. What if you could capture a perfect afternoon in a jar? How about the beautiful breeze of spring?

Characters Llewellyn and Evelyn collect extraordinary things in their jars. But when Evelyn moves away, Llewellyn’s heart feels “like an empty jar.” Soon, Llewellyn and Evelyn discover the magical things that their friendship can carry – even across space and time.

My third graders loved this book, describing it as “calm,” “peaceful,” and “magic.” My students especially loved how Deborah Marcero’s pictures complemented the text, saying “that must have taken a long time to make the illustrations – it’s so beautiful!”

As our students make memories in our classrooms, In a Jar is bound to be a read-aloud memory students hold onto. 📚

Happy reading!

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