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I Wonder by K.A. Holt and Kenard Pak

Do tires ever get tired? How does a clock know what time it is?

These are just some of the questions children ponder in author K.A. Holt’s I Wonder picture book. With beautiful, whimsy illustrations by Kenard Pak, both the text and the images capture the questions we all have thought, but didn’t dare to say aloud…unless of course you are a curious child. My own children throw these at me daily. Holt, who often writes for middle grade students, brings to life the possibilities that could exist and encourages children to reach for whatever they want. Based on true conversations with children, this timely story serves to open up deep conversations with students and adults alike.

After reading this aloud to adults, one commented, “Ive often wondered this very thing, especially after the production of “Toy Story.”

Students in Kindergarten used these questions to spark their creativity and design projects around their wonderings. Students carefully commented on what their peers produced and decided what they were “inspired” to try too!

Older students discussed the questions and the used them to spark potential issues they wanted to study further.

I wonder how much you are going to enjoy this book. Check it out today!

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