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Tomorrow I’ll be Kind by Jessica Hische

In this beautiful composition, Hische reminds us that all that matters at the end of the day are our simple acts of kindness. She invites readers, as they lay their heads down to sleep, to reflect on their actions, and contemplate how one’s regard for another has the power to transform self, thereby, affecting positive change in others. How many opportunities do we have to show kindness everyday? In how many ways can we be helpful? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we stopped to show our appreciation for the things, and gratitude to the people, that make a difference in our lives each day? Think on it.

Here’s what Kindergartners had to say.

I like this book cause it rhymes.

Some of the words are curly and cute and some of the words are pointy. (The lettering in this book is beautiful and complements every thought.)

The rabbit is so cute and she is being responsible and helping because she got paper towels to clean up the water mess.

Everybody should listen to this story and be good. You should do the right thing even when somebody don’t tell you to do it because that is nice and God is watching you even you can’t see Him.

I love this book. We should read it again.

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