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Straw by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

The long-awaited book is finally here! Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Scott Magoon do it again in their collaboration over the last book of their “utensils” series… Straw!

First there was Spoon. Then came Chopsticks. And now the last Straw”


Second grade students were anticipating the book’s release and were thrilled when it arrived. They soaked it in during a read-aloud and have been reading it independently and with partners ever since.


This book tells the story of Straw, a character who rushes his way through every activity and loves to be FIRST.

The book was so great and taught me you don’t always have to be first”


Second graders identified with the character of Straw and loved meeting his friends.


They loved learning the value in slowing down and enjoying the moment instead of rushing on through.

Sometimes, you don’t have to challenge your friends. You can just join them!”


One thing I liked was that he can be his own person”


I love how the pictures capture so much detail”

What I like about straw is that I love this author and this is the last straw, the last book using these materials”


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