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Be You! By: Peter Reynolds


What does it mean to “Be You”?

Before Reading, Third Graders said:

Be yourself!

Act how you want to act!

Express your feelings!

Peter Reynold’s newest book, Be You!, celebrates being true to yourself, being patient, being curious, being unique and being brave.  No matter where the road takes you, always just Be You!

Teachers said:

“A wonderful mentor text for social emotional learning to revisit again and again.”

“Perfect read aloud to share at end of the school year celebrations.”

“Great gift for high school or college graduates – The “Oh the Places You Go” of 2020!”

After Reading Third Grader said Being You Means:


Being You means, being unique no matter what others think.  Not letting others change your personality!

Making your own decisions

Not being afraid to stay true to yourself – even with peer pressure

Doing what makes you happy, not what others want you to do

Following your dreams-no matter what

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