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I Am A Wolf By Kelly Leigh Miller

This post is a collaboration with Mrs. Cristan’s 2nd grade students.

I am a Wolf by Kelly Leigh Miller is the story of Wolf. The dog acts like a tough guy but he really just wants to be loved. This is his story of how he gets to a dog shelter and what happens to him.

Mrs. Cristan’s Students Said…

  • “Kids’s will like the book because of the surprise ending.”- Alex
  • “The dog acts tough.”- Nolan
  • ” I liked when he said, ” I am a Wolf.”- Izzabella
  • “A person who doesn’t have a dog would like this book.”- Leo
  • ” I liked this book because he is homeless and he gets a family.”- Madilyn- Rose
  • “Wolf just wants to be loved.”- Parker
  • “My favorite part is when he is found.”- Cameron
  • “It is a dog that acts tough.”- Elliot
  • “My favorite part is when the wolf pack came and it became his family.”- Jacklyn
  • “A kind the the hospital might like this book.”- Rosalie
  • “The dog thinks he is not cute or sweet.”- Kayliyah
  • “I like when he went, ” bark, bark, bark.”- Anthony
  • “I liked when he said, ” I am Wolf.”- Sean
  • ” My favorite part is when Wolf got a new home.”- Paige

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