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Online Resource: TrueFlix from Scholastic

I thought I would share an online resource that I have been using effectively with my fifth graders – TrueFlix from Scholastic.

As you can see, they are offering a free trial.  The reading level has been perfect for my fifth graders, and each book is accompanied by an informative video.  There is an option to have the book read to you, so students who read at a lower level can still access the content.  There are two categories of books: People, Places, and History & Science and Nature.

During this time of remote learning, I have created several assignments with this online resource.  To learn more about Colonial America, my students chose a question about which they were curious, and then they used the books on TrueFlix about The Thirteen Colonies for their research.  They shared the answers to their questions with the class in slideshows. Additionally, I asked them to read a book called Slavery in America. After reading each chapter, I had them fill out a graphic organizer to practice various reading comprehension skills.  Once they completed the book, they wrote essays supporting their opinions about slavery with evidence from the book. In another remote learning assignment, I asked my students to read one of the TrueFlix biographies and to jot down facts that showed the person’s leadership and legacy.  The culminating assignment was to write a speech introducing the person for a Leadership and Legacy Award by describing their accomplishments and contributions to our world.

In addition to a digital book and a video, each topic offers additional articles to learn more, a play, a comprehension quiz, a vocabulary matching activity, project ideas, and recommended websites for further research.  Maybe your class can present a play over Zoom! I highly recommend this digital resource, TrueFlix from Scholastic.

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