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Write! Write! Write! Poems by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

In my quest for great poetry books, I came across Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s newest collection, Write! Write! Write! I am a huge fan of her amazingly useful website, The Poem Farm and her previous poetry collection, Read! Read! Read! touched my librarian heart. In this latest treasure, beautifully illustrated by Ryan O’Rourke, there are poems to coach students through every aspect of writing. From How to Begin, to where to find ideas, Ideas (like Peaches), to poems about revising, Revision is… and editing, Final Edit! One of my favorites, One Wish, can be found on the back cover of the book:

One Wish

Here is the book trailer highlighting the poem, How to Begin:

Write! Write! Write! is a great addition to every teacher’s poetry collection!

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