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Marshfield Memories : More Stories About Growing Up by Ralph Fletcher

If you loved Marshfield Dreams by Ralph Fletcher then you will surely love his follow up collection of stories captured in Marshfield Memories. Ralph, the oldest of nine kids in his family brings his childhood stories to life. In Marshfield Memories we are reintroduced to the Fletcher clan and many new adventures that they had growing up in Marshfield, Massachusetts.

This week I was part of an online writer’s share with 5th grade students. Many students identified that they are struggling to come up with writing ideas and that being in their homes has been a challenge to their writing life. Marshfield Memories is the perfect book to help students find their own stories. Ralph’s tales show us that we can dig up our own writing material through the special people, places, and things in our lives.

The setting map at the start of the book is a reminder that sketching out special places and our neighborhoods is a strategy we can use as writers to help us generate story ideas.

Setting Map from Marshfield Memories

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