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A Stone Sat Still

Brendan Wenzel’s latest book, A Stone Sat Still, is a perfect book to share during this challenging time. Using a variety of creatures and changes in nature, Wenzel teaches us a powerful life lesson in perspective.

Brendan Wenzel talks about A Stone Sat Still

It’s long been said that perspective is reality. This pandemic has dramatically altered the perspective and reality of countless people.

The end of this school year is unlike any before and the upcoming year brings nothing if not uncertainty but if we spend our time dwelling on what might have been, we’ll miss the opportunity to create what could be.

Instead of focusing on the loss and suffering this pandemic has caused, we can choose to celebrate resiliency and perseverance.

Thank you to all of the educators who have inspired others and created a new way to reach and teach children.  

Thank you, Brendan Wenzel, for helping to shift my perspective.

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