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Mixed by Arree Chung


Who would have guessed so many months ago when I chose this book for my May post how relevant this book would be for TODAY? I sit here in Phnom Penh, watching CNN broadcast live from across the US as they cover the outrage over the inaction since George Floyd’s murder. I am grateful for people who are trying to make their voices heard in an effort to effect positive change in the systemic racism in the US. I have to say, racism is an important issue worldwide. My hope for this blog platform in the coming year is that more diverse bloggers share here. We need more own voices.

The blurb on the back of the book says: “In the beginning, there were three colours: (yes, I have the UK version) Reds, Yellows and Blues. All special in their own ways, all living together in harmony, until one day a Red says, ‘Reds are the best!’

No longer happy living together, the colours decide to divide. But just as it seems there’s no turning back, could a meeting of cool Blue and bright Yellow save the day?”

The third graders said:

  • We can be with anyone.
  • It shouldn’t matter if someone is different from us, doesn’t look like us.
  • We should mix.
  • Some people thought my parents shouldn’t marry because they are different races.

Antiracist work has to be ongoing and teachers have to be actively involved in the work. There are so many helpful resources available and we have to do the work with ourselves too. As we are winding up May have you been following the  #31daysibpoc blog? I guarantee you 31 powerful reads.

Most readers here are in the US. I think you will also connect to Cornelius Minor’s words as he discusses his book, We Got This. He reminds us that international schools also have to work on this.

Arree Chung’s book was a good provocation for us and in our classroom picture books often were the nudge we needed to have important discussions. The kids we learn with today are my hope for a better future, but we have to start now. While we are finishing up online school we are still recalling shared texts and how they can connect and teach us.

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