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Summer Reading Resolutions

My summer reading list usually ends up feeling like a New Year’s resolution. I have great intentions, aim too high, and end up disappointed I didn’t achieve my goal. This year, I’ve decided to slow down a bit and think in twos– two professional books, two adult books that I’m reading just because I want to, and two middle grade books I hope to share with kids in the fall. I’ll have a backup stack on hand, and sprinkle in picture books but to help me keep my expectations in check, I’m embracing the 2-2-2.

Professional Book #1: We Got This by Cornelius Minor. I listened to this book on audio at the beginning of the school closures. It’s powerful and important and I need to re read a physical, paper copy with pencil & highlighter in hand with a stack of sticky notes nearby.

We Got This.

Professional Book #2: Read the World, Rethinking Literacy for Empathy and Action in a Digital Age by Kristin Ziemke and Katie Muhtaris. The title of this book pretty much sums up why I’m reading this– especially in light of the possibility of more online learning in our future.

Two Grown Up/Just Because I Want to Read Them books:

This Tender Land: A Novel The Stationery Shop

This Tender Land because I think William Kent Krueger is a wonderful storyteller, and The Stationary Shop because a friend and fellow reader (and TBR blogger!) recommended it. I purchased copies of both of these books in from small, independent book stores, one in Acton, MA and one in St. Louis which makes me already love them.

Two Middle Grade Books:

The Unsung Hero of Birdsong USA was already on my list, but the most recent racial tragedies in our nation have bumped this title to the top of my stack in hopes of being able to share it more widely with kids when we return to school. I’ve loved Lindsey Stoddard’s last two books: Just Like Jackie, and Right as Rain so I’m eagerly awaiting this title.

And while I’m embracing the 2-2-2… just in case, my “back up” stack ready & waiting…

Be kind to yourself in all things– but especially in your summer readings goals. Consider embracing the 2-2-2 plan for yourself.

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