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Rivet – Free Online Books for Emergent Readers

I knew Rivet was a hit when I opened the website to show a kindergartener, and he cheered during our digital chat. “Wow! Are these books? Can we read these?”

The next day, his enthusiasm continued, “Wait. Is that a book about gummy alligators?”

The following day he asked, “Do you think they have books about big cats? Can we look?”

The options for emergent readers on this website feel endless. Kids can read books about adventures, animals, arts and crafts, science, sports, vehicles, and so much more. The real photographs and engaging covers capture students’ attention immediately.

If you know a bit about text complexity, it is easy to find a high-interest text for your youngest readers. To get these books in kids’ hands, families can download the Rivet app, and students can read the book or choose to have the computer read the text aloud.

Getting enough books in emergent readers’ hands is always tricky, and the pandemic has made it even trickier. Thanks, RIVET, for giving students a way to read engaging texts all summer long.

If you want to learn more, here is Rivet’s introductory video.


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