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Lessons from My Strawberry Lawn

Each week on Sharing Our Stories: Magic in a Blog, Ruth Ayres gives participants an open invitation to try a new writing technique. Last week, she blogged about how writers can weave bits of research into all forms of writing. So, I let her writing lesson marinate for a few days, and then I tried it.

My Strawberry Lawn

Yes, I am building a strawberry lawn – why you ask?

Grass doesn’t feed the birds

Grass doesn’t conserve water

Grass doesn’t give sustenance to pollinators.

So I try.

Weeds take over every space

They surround my strawberries

Choking my tiny plants

Yet, when you look closely

when you dig

just a bit…

and a bit more.

Tiny strawberry runners appear

Reaching out. 

Hope buried, beneath piles of crabgrass.

If you write (or want to write) just for the magic of it, consider this your invitation to join Sharing Our Stories: Magic in a Blog. #sosmagic.

Happy Writing!


9 thoughts on “Lessons from My Strawberry Lawn”

  1. I’m so curious — and I love when you spin words into poetry. Your photos are delightful. I feel so lucky to get to write alongside of you.

  2. Ah, hope buried … but it’s there! Enjoy your strawberry lawn! Can’t wait to see updates in the future!

  3. We’ll be waiting to see the fruits of your strawberry lawn. I love how you wove research into your poem. And this line: “Hope buried, beneath piles of crabgrass” is full of so much meaning.

  4. The resilience of hope “runners” even when buried– this is really skillful and I learned something new!

  5. Caring for a strawberry lawn takes time and work and so worth it. I wish you just the right weather to help your strawberries to grow. You grew words into a lovely poem.

  6. What a fun idea! A strawberry lawn sounds delicious. I’m pulling for those strawberry runners and looking forward to a pic in the future.

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