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Ode to My Student, by Rose Vignola

Oh, Student – Your bravery wows me.

Your calm eyes meet mine through a screen.

Housebound, masked-up, yet your heart is free.

Months have passed, our classroom unseen.

You truly inspire

We all await our Monday meet,

When we hear friends’ voices abound,

The shares, stories, songs, all a treat;

Your smile, warm like fire,

Relaxes, like a lullaby-sound.

Oh, Student – I thank you so.

You may never realize your powers.

From your home to mine, a flow

Of love, lasting beyond school day hours.

You truly inspire!

You turn the screen to show me all;

Your family sitting beside you.

Dishes, mail, photos on the wall,

And, I don’t inquire.

Connect with smiles, eyes, waves adieu.

Typically, I would be working my way through a stack of books during the summer months. Following the atypical trends of 2020, I find that I am not craving that stack of books in June. Instead, I am writing and listening. It is nourishing, allowing pause and reflection on the past few months. The above reflection on “Learning at Home Together”, March-June 2020, was inspired by my colleague’s journal lesson on ode poems.

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