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All Shapes Matter by Chakra Sreekanth

Nine year old Chakra Sreekanth started working on this book in Kindergarten. With a little help from his parents, by the start of his second grade year, he was a published author. I’m always inspired by authors’ stories. Chakra’s and his parents’ work is awe inspiring. At this tender age, he recognizes the value of diversity. What’s wrong with us, grownups? Kindness, love for our fellow human beings, and respect for one another are our greatest weapons. With these tools in our arsenal, no one with whom we come into contact will be able to stand against their force. Because, “all shapes matter” let’s greet each day with love in our hearts and the vision to use our talents to help each other. Thank you Chakra Sreekanth for reminding us of our purpose.

In these uncertain times, we are not sure what the immediate future holds. Whether in person, hybrid or virtual, this is a great book to use as a way of bringing our learning community together. The lesson of pride in our similarities and differences is clear. This work is also a wonderful math resource for introducing shapes. Can’t wait to share it with my new crew.

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