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Your Place in the Universe by Jason Chin

Your Place in the Universe

Jason Chin’s Your Place in the Universe starts small, with a picture of four eight-year-old children looking through a telescope. With each page turn, the featured subjects grow larger, from an ostrich to a giraffe to the Mount Everest to the moon. Comparisons help readers make sense of the size of each featured object and start to recognize their own place in the universe. While the images alone inspire mathematical reasoning, measurements are also included beneath each picture, making this book a useful tool for the science, math, or reading classroom. As always, Jason Chin’s illustrations of our world (and beyond!) will inspire awe.

Young readers who I’ve shared this book with have been so fascinated by the concept of scale in the illustrations. With each page turn, readers are eager to share what they notice about the connections between each spread. Each page visually challenges readers to consider relationships between objects, people, and the world. I’ve shared the book with readers from first grade to seventh grade, and each reading of the book has inspired more questions and curiosity.

Note: Your Place in the Universe will be released on September 1st. Please consider pre-ordering from your local indie bookstore.

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