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I Promise by Lebron James, Illustrated by Nina Mata

The best part of a new school year is the anticipation it holds. A new school year means a new teacher, new opportunities, and maybe even new friends. While the 2020-2021 school year is beginning unlike any other year amidst a global pandemic, promises are still ready to be made. In Lebron James’s new children’s picture book, the lyrical language is the stage for his call to action. Students are invited to promise to be their best selves, to fight for what is right, and to leave the world a better place.

Students will delight in seeing themselves in various situations across the school day and outside on the playground. Teachers will enjoy the message to persevere and promote classroom promises to one another. Whether students are in person learning, connecting remotely, or a mix between the two, this is a perfect beginning of the year, social emotional read to grow your classroom community. Students and teachers are encouraged at the end to set their own promises to each other. This is more important now than ever. Join Lebron in setting goals with your students this year!

What are your promises this year?

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