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Layla’s Happiness by Maria Hadessa Ekere Tallie

As I eagerly wait for my new second grade students I began collecting books for the first two weeks of school. We are preparing and going to try a hybrid model with our students. Half of my class will come at a time and in two weeks I will see each group five days.

Layla’s Happiness by Maria Hadessa Ekere Tallie is the perfect book for a positive start. The front cover just makes me smile. Layla is blowing on a white flower; I assume a dandelion making a wish. We all have wishes for this coming school year. Layla shares lots of things that make her happy; from the full moon to eating spaghetti with a fork. Her mom reads poetry! So many of her happiness things are outside activities which I believe can be an invitation for us to explore our outside areas at school. Maria ends the book asking readers, What is happiness to you? I envision a fun easy conversation and some digital or artistic expression following up this read aloud. One of my goals with starting this new school year is to find moments of relaxation for us and joy. Layla is certainly going to lead the way for us.

This book is illustrated by Ashleigh Corrin and it has earned the Ezra Jack Keats Award and the Ezra Jack Keats Honor!

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