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When Stars Are Scattered

By Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed

This compelling story of two young brothers’ survival in a refugee camp after fleeing their warn-torn country of Somalia is based on the lives of Omar and Hassan Mohamed.

When Stars Are Scattered vividly paints a picture of what a refugee camp is actually like: the struggle for food, clothing, medical care, education, freedom, and life itself. It teaches us the importance perseverance through the most difficult circumstances and against all odds.

Julia and Jack, two middle school students, had this to say:

I’d recommend this book for students in fourth grade and higher. It is perfect for engaging students in conversations about social issues in our efforts to develop compassionate, well-informed, civic-minded adults..

This book is a gem. As Julia said:

It shows anything is possible.

It’s a sign of hope.

Thank you, Omar Mohamed for teaching us all through your story.

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