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You Matter by Christian Robinson

During the summer and in the middle of the pandemic, I needed things to look forward to because there were so many uncertainty in our lives. The publication of children’s books was one of those things I looked forward. I marked on my calendar the day the book You Matter by Christian Robinson was being released to the world. Just like a child, I needed the comfort of a good book, the joy his illustrations would bring, and the comfort that his book would bring. That day was June 2 and just like a child waiting for a gift, I waited for the book to arrive by mail. Once I held that book in my hands and read it quietly, savoring each illustrations, I knew I wanted to share this book within the first 10 days of school. Schools starts soon and this book will be one of those read alouds. Our students would be returning to us after 5 months of pain and anxiety. A lot has happened globally and in the USA and it continues to happen. Our students need to know that their lives matter and that we, as educators, are here to support them, to lift them, to make sure they are seen and heard. This book is a gift and I look forward to sharing this video because listening to Christian Robinson read his own book, is another gift in itself. Enjoy!

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