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You Are a Beautiful Beginning, written by Nina Laden and illustrated by Kelsey Garrity-Riley

A newly published literary treasure! Released just days ago, You Are a Beautiful Beginning is a charming book that shares the message of optimism, self-acceptance and hope. Laden’s predictable pattern of using sentence pairs is accompanied with Garrity-Riley’s highly engaging and busy illustrations. Together, the words and pictures tell the journey of a young child who travels through a wooded community and meets friends along the way. The protagonist and her new friends adventure, play, build and dream. Readers will be amused and surprised to notice whimsical fairies and gnomes scattered in the background.

Imagine the conversations that this illustration could inspire:

Or, the discussion children may have after reading/hearing these words:

It is not being a hero.

It is being part of a team.

It is not putting up walls.

It is about building dreams.

Each pair of sentences offers opportunities for wonder, connections and inspiration. Surely a book that will be read over and over again, growing ideas and thoughts each time. It is my first gift to share with my 2020-21 class! Can’t wait!

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